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Forgot about drinking water again?

Enjoy Flaska – Your portable water spring!

Flaska is a reusable glass water bottle with an extra feature.

It is made from glass, a sustainable and healthy material that doesn’t leach any harmful stuff into your water. Flaska is a member of the Friends of Glass organisation.

It comes in two sizes for the thirsty and the thirstiest.

The simple but effective cap will keep the water in the bottle. If you lose it or break it you‘ll get a new cap for free!

Choose among protective sleeves made from neoprene, silicone, cork and regular or organic cotton. The sleeve will protect the bottle & keep your drink hot or cold.

And for the final touch, choose the design that suits you best and fall in love with your Flaska.

So what’s so special about Flaska? It’s programed using the TPS procedure. TPS is a method of water revitalisation that results in restructuring the water in the bottle.revitalisation that results in restructuring the water in the bottle.revitalisation that results in restructuring the water in the bottle.

Due to those features, those features, Flaska lets you take care of your health and the environment while enjoying structured water on the go.

…and it all began with a strawberry field and some innovative thinking…

Maks has been a professional strawberry grower since 1993. One day, he decided to make an experiment with structured water and learned that water quality has a great impact on the quality and quantity of the fruit. He watered one part of the field with ordinary water and the other one with structured water. The results were amazing – strawberries watered with structured water were healthier and firmer, and the yield was greater by more than 18%.

Therefore Maks tried to figure out how to bring water structuring closer to the people. And Flaska was born!

Flaska is a result of a great idea, tons of desire and years of hard work by the Flaska team.

It is produced in tiny European country Slovenia, the land of beautiful water worlds and unspoiled nature, shipped to you all over the world.

Flaska – Your portable water spring.

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