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Hailstorms can damage many cars in several different locations.

Everybody will want to have their cars fixed as soon as possible, and this may create long waiting lines.

Imagine having your clients wait for weeks just to get an evaluation of the damage from your expert.
Imagine the stress of your clients

…and quite possibly there will be a limited number of experts that who can hardly cope

the large number of insurance claims.

Each damage estimation can take a long time and require a great deal of patience.

This is not the best way to treat your clients and employees.

What you need is a fast, accurate and reliable way to detect hail damage on cars

and the rest will be someone else’s problem.


Autoscan is a transportable scanner for hail damage ,

in the form of a high-tech light tunnel

It accurately detects and estimates damage on cars hit by hail in just a few minutes. No waiting for your clients and less workload for your experts.

The car just has to drive through the light tunnel, and the rest is automatically done by Autoscan.

A smart algorithm scans, analyzes and detects all dents on the car.

Within minutes, the expert gets a high quality video of the damaged car and can easily issue an accurate estimation.

Right on the spot for the client to see and receive.

Videos of a damaged carsand damage estimations are saved to the cloud and can be securely accessed by authorized users from anywhere.
Autoscan is a tool for experts that enables them to do hail damage estimation in minutes.

It reduces the amount of workload,

It creates objective, accurate and fast damage estimation,

And offers remote access to v ideos of damaged cars

and their estimations.

Keep in mind the old saying “time is money”, and show your clients you care for them with a fast service. Autoscan helps you become a better insurance company.





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